Azure Kingfisher

Well it’s been a while since I last posted. This year I’ve decided to try and improve on my bird photography. Quite happy with my progress so far and starting to discover just where to find the birds that I’m interested in. Finally found the beautiful Kingfisher, a bird I’ve been searching for quite some. Love watching these little birds. The beautiful Azure Kingfisher will dive into the creek from a branch to catch fish and then return to a branch to consume the catch. Would love to get a shot of this little bird diving but they are so fast haven’t managed to get the shot as yet. the Sacred Kingfisher swoops down from a branch to the mud below to grab a crab. The bird will then fly off to a branch and proceed to shake their beak around to kill the crab. Sometimes this can take quite a while. Once the crab is dead the bird will swallow it and then continue to search for the next snack.

Sacred Kingfisher with Crab


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